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You know that silly paradox that can keep you up at night…the one about the chicken and the egg and which one is first. In my case I end up punching blows for both arguments and both sides have Harvey Spectre as their lawyer…smooth talking, brilliant and difficult to beat. After about an hour and a carb binge I know that it is impossible to say which of the two things existed first and which caused the other one (but I still think the chicken…but the egg had to…never mind just pass me that bowl of pasta).

So now what if I told you that there is no more egg but in fact man can make the egg without the chicken. Scary thought isn’t it.

We live and move at a fast pace to find solutions to global hunger and obesity which are a bit like our situation above, which one needs to come first as a priority and does 1 affect the other?

Fortunately there are some really amazing companies in the world of food tech, and you need to know about them. Below are 3 you should be following because they will be changing the way we eat in the future.

Hampton Creek, the egg-less egg guys have a number of products that use plant proteins instead of eggs. They have a range for products that don’t have the egg as a binder so I suppose this is just the beginning for them. Their product include:

  • Just Mayo
  • Just Cookie Dough
  • Just Cookies
  • Just Dressing

They are also trying to create an egg-less egg product that scrambles in a pan like a normal egg. Check out a video here by clicking on the pick below showing some of the cool stuff they are doing:


The cool thing about these products are that they have a low impact on the environment because they do not need as much energy and natural resources to produce an egg. The other benefit in time will be that it will help to reduce costs of foods because eggs and meat products are expensive and if you can replace them with plant proteins this cuts down the moola needed.

Beyond Meat

Making meat fry, grill and taste like real meat. This innovative company is single-handedly changing the meat game. What’s its secret? Beyond Meat’s mouth-watering products are made from non-GMO, gluten-free pea protein, but beyond that, the company has garnered the support of some highly influential people. The former CEO of McDonald’s is on its board of directors, and Bill Gates and Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams are all investors.

New Harvest

Sci-fi meets food. Although this may be the most difficult for people to adopt, if you think about it objectively this makes a lot of sense in terms of feeding the world, reducing costs and dramatically lowering the burden on the environment. Cellular agriculture techniques would allow us to make milk, eggs, meat, leather, fur, rhino horn, and any other animal products from cell cultures rather than from animals.  Check out a video here about how they do it: